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Executive Summary

Supply chain has played an important role in today's competitive market. Information system which consists of hardware and software used throughout a supply chain is an essential element to help managers to analyze the present situation. The use of the computer to distribute and gather information became affordable to all companies. Increase storage capacity and to gather and hold more information for the company has became an issue for most of companies. The big hurdle to cross was not how to just gather information within your own organization but to also explore outside those boarders to gain more cost and time savings with suppliers and customers. The author is going to discuss the importance of information system by analyzing the Brother Company's distribution system.

Also, the author will try to put forward some of information system which are necessary for organizations to improve their business.


In view of the increasing competition happened in many markets, supply chain-related mistakes lead to lost sales can not be easily neglected and written off. Supply chain management has played more and more important role in every organisation. "Supply chain management means integrated management of the movement of materials from initial raw materials supplier across the chain to the ultimate end customer." (Handfield, R.B., & Nichols, E.L. 1999 p47) "Information technology consists of the hardware and software used throughout a supply chain to gather and analyze information."(Chopra, S., & Meindl, P. 2001 p335) Therefore, the author believes that information which is shared across all the supply chain members has become the key element to measure the performance of supply chain management. In this report, the author...