Violence in America

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Violence is an awful influence on American society. It is everywhere in the media. American children see violence every day in commercials, magazines, movies, and especially video games. Acts of violence occur far too many times in this country. The second amendment of the Constitution gave the people the right to bear arms. This right has led to people's obtaining guns too easily and has resulted in tragic events such as school shootings. But guns do not account for all violence in America. The country is known for its violent ways. Recently, it was named one of the most violent countries in the world because of its high crime and murder rates.

But violence is also an awful influence in other countries around the world. Hatred between two countries leads to war. There are, however, other options to injuring and killing the people of a country because of a political or social conflict.

Children in some countries now have access to guns and ammunition. Middle Eastern countries are recruiting children to join their armies at a very young age. People of different countries think that war and killing are the best ways to take out their anger. Many peoples will never give peace a chance. They do not understand that they can indeed achieve peace.