Violence In The Community

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Safety on the streets was a reality that was lost with the use of stones to create fire. The world has seen the coming and going of many errors and has also become subdued to the malicious use of street violence to achieve a desired reffect. From the outlawed cowboys to the Italian mobsters, violence on the streets has reared it's ugly head and said, I want to stay.

A home attack in Perth on Saturday morning left a forty year old woman suffering from serious injures just for a measly twenty dollars that the attackeres found in her hand bag. Also a twenty three year old woman is shot in the head at close range and found outside a house in Beechboro. And these are only a couple of the more recent violent attacks.

Through a study called the Pentagon in 1996 on the United states, researchers attempted to find out the reasons for these horrific attacks.

After a long Study of the offence and offenders researchers broke down the reasons into TWO main groups; - Poverty & - Underfunded Schools/Poor Job Training Poverty The United States has the highest child-hood poverty rate among first world countries totalling 21% of children in poverty and that is approximately 7 million. In some cities more than half of the children live in poverty. But poverty is more than numbers: it means pain of hunger, the horror of homelessness, and the crisis of poor health care.

Underfunded Schools/Poor Job Training Children in poor communities often attend over-crowded schools that lack supplies, money for teacher training, and even desk and classroom space. Education is on often the best ways out of poverty and consequently violence.

Because there are limited reasons to stay in school and no job aspects many young people turn to Street Crime and Violence. This includes military, crime or drugs. This fall to trouble is easy due to the fact that many communities are flooded with guns and drugs on a rgular basis. Statistics are staggering stating that 79% of all teen deaths occurs due to violence and in 1994 three and a half thousand teenagers were killed by guns.

But getting a little more closer to home and to New South Whales, where a recent study (1995 & 1999) of crime statistics shows phenomenal amounts of violence. The following results were found.

"˜95 "˜99 - Murder 119 121 - Assault 39,132 57,559 - Robbery with firearm 677 696 - Shock theft 896 967 - Arson 3,166 4,866 - Malicious damage 71,817 91,577 to property.

- Dealing/trafficking cocaine 76 192 Here is concrete evidence that violence on the streets of where ever you live is in itself a thriving community. It is almost like a cycle: When social programs are cut, poverty increases and too often crime increases. When education spending is cut, young people with nowhere to go but the streets where they learn new types of violence. The governments bring in more police, more prisons and consequently more Violence. Thanks. The End