"Violence- an inescapable reality" question: "Violence brings violence wether it is an experience in real life or on television" Discuss.

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According to Sigmund Freud's 'Theory of Psychoanalysis,' humankind has two unconscious drives namely sex and aggression. This just brings to light that man has a natural inclination towards violence (aggression), which can be triggered off by the gruesome reality (which is our lives) and / or the powerful infiltrating mass media. Some may argue that there are such individuals who 'choose' to remain 'upright' (allowing no influences to change their values at all), but, this claim is certainly an unexamined one. "Violence brings violence" whether it is triggered off by the television or as a response to real life circumstances; there is no difference from where it comes from because it is inescapable.

The reality of most individuals presently is characterized by a heavy content of violent behavior or background, and if not so, it is almost certain that one has encountered or witnessed violence on a daily basis.

This somehow activates that inbuilt predisposition man has towards violence and that in itself brings violence. Take for instance, the concept of "rough neighborhoods." The habitants of these areas are required to live on 'guard' because they know what it takes to survive. This lifestyle may also require them to carry weapons to protect themselves or, on the other hand, to make a living out of violently bullying others. The chances are that nine out of ten individuals living in these neighborhoods are likely to exhibit violent behavior for survival.

Also as a part of the everyday reality, is the concept of abuse, being sexual, brutal or verbal in nature. Parents or kids whose lives were characterized by abuse (verbally or physically) are likely to abuse their kids because it was the only lifestyle they were introduced to and as a result, the process becomes cyclical, emphasizing the claim that...