Violence in the media as it corresponds to school shootings

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Our Great Immunity

Many people feel school shootings, like Columbine, were the cause of violent video games, movies, and music. I find this very hard to believe. I though that most people are smart enough to tell the difference between virtual reality and actual reality, visual effects and real disaster, and expression and action. These things are nothing more than simple entertainment. The real causes are all the violence put in the media, the simple cruelty of how kids act, the increased availability of guns, and a lack of parental guidance. In result of all these causes the effect is the increase in school shootings.

At least 50% of the news in the media these days is about violence. The reason for this is our sick fascination and curiosity for violence, but only as long as it in no way endanger our lives in any way.

So, this is why most of what the news shows is violence because they report about what the people want to hear. In this way, the argument that the psychologists make for movies, video games, and music causing kids to become violent can also be said for the news, except for one major difference. The news is real.

After watching report after report about all these different murders, rapes, molestations, etc. you begin not to care as much. Maybe you haven't notice, but gradually year after year, hearing about all of these horrible crimes, you come to expect them. They are no longer a shock. Then eventually without noticing you have practically become emotionally immune. Your sympathy for these tragic victims has lessened and lessened to the point; in which, it seems like the norm to you. That is because it is reality.

Another reality is the cruelty of kids,