Violence in Schools

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Violence, is the physical force intended to hurt or damage, it can even lead to death. This is a major problem in society today and it is also major in schools. Some students think that by hitting someone that that will solve the problem but the truth is, it would only get worse. Violence "comes about" in many different ways and causes of violence are problems at home, drugs, peer pressure, music, video games and television.

The environment and individual has at his home has a great impact on his personality and customs. For instance if a child's home is raucous and filled with drug attics and men fighting with knives and guns. It is most likely that the child may turn out to behave like who he is exposed to. Since this is not always so, violence is also has to do with a person's state of mind.

If the individuals mindset is positive this can easily be changed by abuse or peer pressure.

Abuse can be verbal or physical. When one is abused verbally, he is told things that would make him get a very low self esteem. As a result the child may now have pressure into using drugs to help soothe his pain or to make him feel better. Now, when and individual uses drugs it has a great impacts on the brain such as memory loss, loss of co-ordination and depression. These negative effects usually cause persons to inflict harm on others, sometimes for no reason at all.

If the abuse child doesn't have pressure into using drugs, then his peers will give him it. For example, the abused child may turn to his friends for comfort and support and they will tell him drugs help you feel better and its really...