"The Virgin Suicides"

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"The Virgin Suicide" was a very good book, however the movie didn't really excite me. Unlike the book, the film took me by the hand from, from the very beginning and walked me through each moment, only to lead me to a dead end. The book is far much better than the movie because the movie left out so many important details that was important in the novel.

Cecilia's funeral was something I look forward seeing because in the book it talked about how the sisters didn't show any remorse and explain how their faces were emotionless. The book also explained how the sisters peeked in the coffin at Cecilia and it looked as though they were giving her a wink. The book also described how all the flower arrangements crowded the living room of the Lisbon's house. However in the film, none of this took place. The only thing of the funeral that was shown in the movie was when Mr.

Lisbon asked the gravediggers to move away from blocking the cemetery and then it cut to the next scene. In the movie, it talked about the guys reading Cecilia's diary. As I watched the film, I tried my best to figure out how in the world he got her diary, but after reading the novel itself, it all came clear to me. David Barker, one of the young males who fantasized about the Lisbon girls, got it from a assistant plumber who found it in the master bedroom, where it seemed that Mr. And Mrs. Lisbon were reading it themselves.

Throughout the whole movie it never talked about a girl name Julie Freeman. Julie Freeman was Mary's best friend, which I thought was very important because it seemed as though the girls were only to themselves and...