Vision for Information Technology By, Maria Parrotto

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In examining how information technology may affect the business community over the next 3 to 5 years, I elected to follow the following five of the leading companies: Quest Software Incorporated, Juniper Network Inc., Yahoo Inc., Revising Inc, and Cisco Systems. These companies are the key providers of critical infrastructure services that service Website owners' enterprise; communication services providers, electronic commerce, and commerce service provider. Due to my limited understanding of the IT world, my views are based on the information found in each of the companies Annual Report, as well as, company profiles.

Information technology companies provide market services worldwide through a series of multiple distribution channels: the internet, direct sales, direct marketing through the media, mass merchandiser, system integration and more. Regardless of what methods are being used, there is a great deal of competition in the highly unstable, ever-changing technology market. It is difficult to even purchase a computer without considering how long it will take before the technology used will become obsolete.

This is a tremendous burden on businesses who seek to compete within the economy since a large part of doing business depends on the efficiency of the information accessed.

The individual successes of each many corporations becomes increasingly dependent, in large part, on the ability to continue to maintain and enhance current technologies and services both independently and through efforts with leading application developers and major customers. In reviewing five of the leading companies in the information industry, it appears that each company has specific factors identified as a potential hindrance to future progress. For example, Verisign has stated that their future business depends on future growth of the Internet and continued use of IP network. The success and failures of the information providers can directly impact businesses now and in...