Visionary Suggestions for Organisational Performance at CompX.

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This paper is produced as part of my recruitment process with CompX. As required I will present some actions which I would implement once in the new position in order to increase CompX's organisational performance. The paper starts with the vision and mission I have for this project. I continue with describing briefly the general concept of change management because I see my appointment and the actions I plane to take as a major change in the employees' work life. The major part of the paper consists in a detailed description of actual actions, their implementation and expected outcomes.


To be the OP champion and manage in a way that sets an example for the organisation's leaders and continuously reflects my focus on organisational as well as individual performance.


- To improve systems and implement processes in order to increase organizational performance

- To make leaders understand the link between their management style, their team's performance, the organisational culture and organisational performance

- To built up a culture which has organizational performance as fundamental element


I regard my appointment as a change moment in the organisation's internal system.

In order to successfully implement this change I relate to the three typical phases of the classical description of the change management process (Lewin 1958). The action decision and its communication consists the Unfreezing phase. The Implementation will actually make the change. The enforcement together with exemplary behaviour from my part will ensure that the new processes become part of the organizational culture.

The concept is useful, but it has weaknesses. It implies that after the refreezing phase, things remain constant until the next unfreezing. I see the process as continuous, the focus on organisational performance has to be constantly nurtured with actions, which means remodelling and...