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CMT 290 Visual Technologies Visual Cultures In the communication process which may be illustrated as: sender message medium receiver, the medium or media used is the most vital aspect.

One of the most prominent authorities on this subject is world renowned media theorist, Herbert Marshall McLuhan. Because his life plays such a crucial role in the world of new media and media design, I will tell you "Everything an web/graphic designer needs to know about Marshall McLuhan....".

Marshall McLuhan was born on July 21, 1911 to Herbert and Elsie Hall McLuhan in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 1928 McLuhan entered the University of Manitoba and majored in English and philosophy. It was during this time that McLuhan grew to dislike the modern age and concluded that his only means to protect himself from the times was to understand what was happening, especially the means of communication or media that was being used.

He began to realize that people in this modern age depended upon electronic information to exist. These people needed electric means such as elevators, televisions, and radios to function in the world. McLuhan was opposed to any innovations but resolved to understand them.

McLuhan was a huge critic of electronic means as a form of communication. He argued that users of electronic media such as television are stripped of their physical body; they lose their identities. According to McLuhan, the high speed of information allowed by electronic means was causing America to fall apart.

Marshall McLuhan authored many works that have now become famous. His first book, The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man was written in 1951. In this book he discussed his belief that the craftsmanship once honored and highly revered by man was replaced by mechanical technology. However, one of his most well known...