Viva La France.. Is luck a large factor with soccer?

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Viva La


France are now European Champions, but was Luck a factor in their winnings?Aco Reports...

With the Euro 2000 tournament now over and France now being European Champions people all over the world can now just sit and wonder and say 'What If'.

Throughout the whole tournament a lot of teams went through good luck and bad luck and coincidences.

Luck played a big part in France winning the tournament, but it really didn't seem to be the case for the other teams.

France looked doomed against Spain in their quarterfinal clash.

With the game locked at 1-1 with minutes to go Spain were awarded a penalty and Spain's favourite player Raul stepped up to the penalty spot took the shot and blazed it straight over the bar, while in extra time France were awarded a penalty and France's Zinedine Zidane stepped up to the spot and calmly slotted the penalty.

Luck was not on Yugoslavia's side, with their first game against Slovenia turned out to be almost an absolute disaster.

Before the match a Yugoslavian fan quoted "If my country doesn't win by more than six goals I will sell my house!!"

The poor man must have turned off the TV and left the country when he saw that Slovenia were up 3-0 and Yugoslavia's superstar Mihajlovic got Red Cared, but somehow they managed to come back and draw 3-3.

Yugoslavia's final group match was stranger than the first one, with only two minutes to go Yugoslavia were up 3-2 in their match against Spain, the thought of a Spain comeback was out of the question.

Then out of nowhere Spain slammed two goals, which shocked Yugoslavia and the world.

Holland and Italy were favourites to win the tournament, but they met in a gruelling Semifinal.