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Handling discipline and grievances at work is a significantly crucial part for organisations in human resources management. Nowadays more organisations tend to use a 'voluntary' approach to deal with the discipline and grievances. This essay is going to analyse why an organisation should facilitate the development of a voluntary approach and explain how organisations facilitates voluntary approach.

Initially, According to CIPD (2012) disciplinary and grievance procedures are frameworks which provide clear and transparent structures for dealing with difficulties which may arise as part of the working relationship from either the employer's or employee's perspective. These procedures are necessary to ensure that everybody is treated in the same way in similar circumstances, to deal with issues fairly and reasonably, and to ensure that employers are compliant with current legislation and follow the relevant Acas Code of Practice. Acas (2011) states that an independent third party or mediator can sometimes help resolve disciplinary or grievance issues.

Mediation is a voluntary process where the mediator helps two or more people in dispute to attempt to reach an agreement. Mediators may be employees trained and accredited by an external mediation service who act as international mediators in addition to their day jobs (Acas, 2011). In fact, this mediation as voluntarily can be used for conflict involving colleagues of a similar job or grade, or between a line manager and their staff; also at any stage in the conflicts as long as any ongoing formal procedures are put in abeyance, or where mediation is included as stage in the produces themselves. According to Acas (2011) it also can be used to rebuild relationships after a formal dispute has been resolved; and to address a range of issues, including relationship breakdown, personality clashes, communication problems, bullying and harassment. But in some organisations mediation...