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The film "Wall Street" is about Bud Fox, an ambitious rookie stockbroker and Gordon Gekko, an aggressive and ruthless Wall Street power player. Bud Fox spends a lot of time and effort trying to become part of Gordon Gekko's inner circle. Once he succeeds in doing so, Bud's life moves into the fast lane, a fancy apartment, money, power and a beautiful new girlfriend. As time goes by, Gekko makes more and more unethical and illegal demands with the final straw being the takeover and dismantling of Bluestar Airlines where Bud's father works. As should happen in all good movies, Bud Fox then comes up with a plan to make things right. Bud Fox makes a deal to bring down Gordon Gekko and face minimal time he has coming to him for his actions.

Bud faced two major dilemmas, desperately wanting to be part of Gekko's inner circle, Bud had to do what was against his principles, values he grew up with and believed in.

He wanted the success that Gekko offered, ay any price. Bud knew that using inside information that he had obtained from his father about Bluestar airlines was both illegal and wrong. A second dilemma was driven from pressure at his firm, coupled with his poor financial situation. The sales manager, Harold Salt, was really on him about not producing, and in fact told him that he would have to make up a loss with his own money. Bud wanted to do business the right way, but he was always broke and barely making it on 50 thousand dollars a year salary. He even mentioned that American Express had people out looking for him as a joke. Therefore, Bud sacrificed his moral judgment because of his greed.

I will examine the ethical dilemmas Bud Fox...