I want to be just like Carrie Underwood: Skechers

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What is it that ad's do to manipulate consumers to buy the product they are trying to sell? Through the use of images and words advertisements sell their product to consumers. In his essay "The Rhetoric of Advertising" Stuart Hirschberg analyzes devices advertisers use in order to lure consumers into purchasing their product. He asserts, "the product comes to represent an obtainable object or service that embodies, represents, or symbolizes a whole range of meanings." Similarly an ad from the April 2006 issue of Teen People magazine attempts to persuade girls between the age of 10 and 20 to purchase Skecher shoes by promising beauty, fame and talent and comfortability through the use of Carrie Underwood, and the six little golden retriever puppies. Also, this ad reflects American Culture that teenage girls will become beautiful and by purchasing and wearing this shoe they are picking the number one product.

The very first thing one would notice upon looking at this ad is the use of a famous singer that appeals to women's desire for beauty. To illustrate this, the ad uses famous singer and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. What exactly is it about her beauty that women are attracted to? For one, she is slim, wearing casual down to earth clothes that make her look like a model. Secondly, by looking at her face we can see that she has a perfect smile with straight white teeth. In addition to this we can also see her facial features in that she has no pimples, or boils or any spots on her face. Also, her face is very clean, smooth and soft and she is blond and light skinned which adds to her beauty. All in all the ad associates Skechers with Carrie Underwood's beauty in which she fits...