"The War in Iraq: What do you Believe!?" This paper was written about a year into the war, and at the time many people were arguing about the oil and Saddam issue.

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On March 20, 2003, the United States, after a large build up of troops, attacked Iraq. The United States, after a decade of diplomatic disete and lies by Iraq, had finally ran out of nonmilitary methods of getting Iraq to obey UN decries including admission of and destruction of all weapons of mass destruction. I feel that the United States was justified in taking the actions they did due to many reasons that will be explained throughout this paper.

Following the days of September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush made a speech about fighting terrorism, and that is what this War on Iraq is about. Saddam and Iraq may not have been responsible for the acts of September 11, but they are capable of repeating acts of terrorism similar to 9/11. There is solid evidence that says Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, which means Iraq is disobeying the United Nations decries that were set on them in the early 90's.

Saddam has used biological weapons on the Iranian people and he has even used them on his own people. I do not think anyone in the United States would want our leader of our country testing biological weapons on our own people, so why would we want another country's leader to be doing it to his people. Iraq could also be housing terrorist or selling weapons of mass destruction to terrorists. They would be assisting in any acts of terrorism, and that is just one more reason why the United States should be over in Iraq.

Some people in the United States would say, "I think the war on Iraq should not happen. There is no clear reason why they should fight. I think this war is going to damage this country, by devastating it with American deaths.