A Good Lie

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What determines the size of lies? If lies are those concern matters of small consequence, are told to just a few people, are excusable they are intended to achieve some more important goal, like paring someone's feeling. I had a very good discussion for quite a while on this topic. Most people agree that for saving a life lying is okay, and sometimes it is necessary. There are many different opinions on other situations, such as if the truth would hurt someone's feeling or insult them. Normally, I lie to avoid something bad that will hurt someone or make other people in trouble.

I teach my kids early in elementary school not to lie, but sometimes it is necessary for them to lie. For instance, I used to tell my kids that if s stranger call the house when their mom is out, then just tell them that she is doing laundry, cooking, or taking a shower.

I don't want anyone to know that my kids are home alone. I consider this is a good lie because it's for my children's protection. There are also times when my kids lie to avoid getting in trouble after doing something wrong. This is time when I teach my kids the importance of telling the truth and that it is not right to use lies as a coping mechanism. Parents should not go lightly when they catch their kids a lie, and like all things, the circumstance surrounding the lie should be consider carefully. However, when lying becomes habitual, parents should have extra concern no matter what the reason for the lie.

Like children, this season parents will organize over how to deal with the biggest good lieSanta Claus. Santa is a universal figure...