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Coming to Terms with America?s Changing Families In today?s society there is an increasing number of childbirths to unwed mothers all over the United States of America. With this in mind, one can come to the conclusion that times are definitely changing and family values or norms are not the same as they were hundreds of years ago. The article by Coontz presents a great deal of research on the history of our society patterns and common trends in the upbringing of a family.

In the beginning of the article Coontz describes the golden age of a family. I liked that she suggest that in the beginning of the nineteenth century women were not allowed to be sexual beings, and had postponed their sexuality to an older age. However, men were accepted to express their sexuality and at this time there was a slight increase in female prostitution. Coontz suggest that this was due to the double standards of society?s restraint.

I believe that as we look at the way that females now view sex and sexual activities, society has reached an all time peak. Yes, there are still double-standards for women involving the number of sexual partners in their past, but people do not seem to care so much anymore. I believe that this may be due to a lack of moral judgment and values that were not instilled in children growing up. This could be due to numerous things, for example perhaps there was not enough parenting and nurturing taking place by the parents of the child at a young age. Another example might be that the child was rebelling against his or her parents because growing up himself or herself was not allowed to be themselves, but was instead directed into a lifestyle based upon an...