The way we do the things we do.

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The Way We Do The Things We Do

I like to think that everyone is entitled to his own opinion about the world. Though we should never judge a book by its cover, but by its contents, it is sorrowfully something that is rarely done. What is seen is more important than the intent to do a good deed. In today's world, the acts we perform determine our social status in our communities because people respond to those individuals by readily listening to them, accept those individuals by allowing their thoughts to become our own, and adopt such individuals as great role models by becoming as much like them as we possible can.

People respond to individuals who have a certain social status by readily listening to those who seem to have done something worthwhile. When a person like that walks into a room, we want to hear what they have to say.

We want to know what they will say or do next so that we can become a part of something that seems so much bigger than us. No good deed goes unnoticed and we do not want to be looked over either. We lend an ear as we are little by little becoming absorbed into their utter deception. The social facade of what appears to be, as opposed to what is, deceives us every time.

After determining their status based on what they have done, we accept the thoughts of those people who seem to be so extraordinary to us. It is funny to see such a common thing happen because it makes no sense at all. Over time, one person can go from being a quiet, shy, withdrawn student to a talkative, pompous, arrogant extrovert because he feels that being "more like Mike" is better.