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1. Fred should hire Mimi for the position only if he believes she is the most qualified candidate. It would be wise for Fred to interview additional candidates to ensure his selection of Mimi is not skewed by his personal relationship with her family. It's understood that Mimi's activities in her youth could be concerning for Hathaway Jones considering the position and location they would place her in, but Mimi's activities in her youth were not illegal, violent, or negatively reflective of her character. A "digital immigrant" such as Fred may be more inclined to view job candidates' electronic information negatively because they don't understand the culture; however, Fred's comparison of Mimi's activities to those taken by people in the 1960's is a good way to put her history in perspective. The publications about Mimi's activism in her past could actually be used to promote her for the hiring because the articles demonstrate that she has a history of supporting human rights, which is a quality that companies must have as they begin doing business in developing countries.

2. If Mimi is aware of the articles on the Internet, she should be prepared to discuss them and explain why she had those opinions and how they've shaped her as an adult. Since most companies do simple background checks on the Internet, it's important for Mimi to understand what information about her may be concerning and to preemptively speak to it before she is asked to defend it. In Mimi's case, the information about her comes from published articles and not from social media. The largest reduction of privacy comes from social media because everyone now has the ability to post their opinions and pictures online. While Mimi can't do much to change the information about her on the...