We had been on a school trip to prague and were asked to write a story set in the city

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What a relief it had been to be back in the warmth of our beautiful affluent hotel. The climate outside had been frigid, but it had not made our day unpleasant, we had wrapped up well and had been determined to enjoy our initial experience within the beautiful city of Prague. We had the most amazing day, newly weds enjoying the atmosphere and scenery of the Czech Republic.

Two days previously, Maggie and I had had the fairytale wedding, everything had been so perfect and wonderful. It had been a clear crisp February day, Friday the 2nd, a little cold but we were both so excited and exhilarated by the occasion that we were completely oblivious to it! Both the service and the reception had been fabulous, everything had gone according to our well laid out plans. During the day guests had thanked us saying "it had been the most beautiful and relaxed wedding they had ever been to" we were so thrilled that other people had felt some of the emotions we had experienced - it was not just us! At the end of the night we both looked at each other giggling, not actually believing that we were married.

I could not pretend that the stresses and strains off organising the wedding had not taken its toll, admittedly Jackie had arranged most of the wedding, but we were both looking forward to our honeymoon, spending time together, enjoying each others company without the wedding preparations infusing our conversation incessantly.

The first day of our honeymoon had been perfect; we had walked through the old city, at intervals stopping off in a café, warming ourselves with coffee and still chuckling at the thought we were now a married couple. Huge Gothic churches towered over us, gargoyles...