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Introduction:Today's information system deals a lot with computers that are composed of what we call a hardware and software system. Most people might be familiar with the two systems since it is an important key for provided users to make use of in their everyday lives. The internet is the fastest growing technology and Web 2.0 is the next generation of networking service for social interaction of sharing of information with each other through the internet. Web2.0 is defined from the term "world wide web "that gives the ability of people being able to share information with each other through online methods.

Antonio Negri was born 1st August 1933 in Italy, he is well known for co-authorship of Empire and his work Spinoza, and became political philosophy professor in his home town university. Negri is the member of international editorial board. Maurizo lazzarato is well known for his article which is published in 1996 about "Immaterial Labor".

In his research he answers the question based on what is the hegemonic form of labor under post-Fondest capital and sketches a project which entails an analysis of the forms of subjectivity that inform and are informed by this labour.

Web 2.0 is also known as Man's best friends, Web 2.0 is known as second generation of internet development and design, where websites allows users to share information. Weblogs, wikis, and social networking sites, such as YouTube, MySpace and Face book , twitter ,provide facility of communication, information sharing, collaboration, community building and networking. Weblogs are websites with entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or videos, displayed in reverse-chronological order. The handling of weblogs is extraordinarily simple. Many blogs provide information on a particular subject and provide the functionality of comments, that's why web blog are...