Wedding and Marriage Customs of the Chinese Culture

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Wedding and Marriage Customs of the Chinese Culture

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It would be a horrifying nightmare for a female Chinese-westerner, a Banana (yellow on the outside and white on the inside), to marry under her heritage's historical wedding customs. The traditions are outrageously superstitious, therefore are completely ridiculous. The act of marriage is merely a collaboration of families who now have more economic benefits; the ceremonies are merely celebrations of their economic growth.

There is very little or no love involved in the act of marriage, it's more about being able to live with this man for the rest of you slaving days. Marriage is basically a way for the father to exploit his daughter, and the nice wedding ceremonies are things used to justify his actions with.

The role of the father in the traditional Chinese family is very important. He is the "unquestionable power" who makes all the "right" decisions for the household.

He, and his wife to a certain extent, decides whom their daughter will marry. When they have chosen an acceptable groom-to-be, the two families decide where and when the young couple will marry. This process is assisted with the help of a religious figure or a wise man who provides them with the best fung shui, which is essentially Chinese superstition. An example of Fung Shui includes selecting a 'good day' according the bride, groom, and their family's birthdays, which is just plain silly.

When the day of the wedding comes, everything, from the walls of the house to the guests gifts are decked out in red, which symbolizes wealth and luck. The red is also supposed to scare away evil things and attract good things. This is why the couple is covered from head to toe in red. If...