Wednesday's Special is Meatloaf: Why I Love to Cook.

Essay by sremde December 2005

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Do you like to eat gourmet food, or for that matter, just plain good food? I do! I love to eat well prepared, well flavored food. I am happy eating at a fancy restaurant or at home as long as the food is good. And although I appreciate the convenience of going out to a restaurant to eat, dining out is not cheap. In addition, finding a babysitter to watch the kids at home can be tough. But when my wife and I do take the children out to dinner with us, they do not always behave. For these reasons, I am most at ease and relaxed when I can cook a fine meal at home. Aside from being a relaxing endeavor, cooking your own meals is cost effective. In fact, by preparing food at home, I can actually save enough money to take a family vacation or upgrade home computer equipment.

Besides providing me with a way to relax and saving me money, cooking a meal is very rewarding. Cooking can be challenging and requires a lot of effort, especially when I am trying new recipes, but providing delicious food to my family or friends is worth the time and effort. In other words, whether it be grilling outdoors or whipping up fancy gourmet food, I love cooking!

I have always found cooking to be a relaxing experience. Sharing a well-cooked meal with family and friends can slow down an often hectic pace. Too often, I am rushing somewhere to accomplish some minor task. Taking the time to sit down and eat a home-cooked meal with my family relaxes me and pushes aside all the hectic daily events that can pile up. In keeping with the notion of relaxation, cooking is a great way to relieve stress. Whether used...