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The Arabian Sea gaurds the western region of India. The places on the western coasts are usually regarded gateway to the western countries particularly the Gulf region. Maharastra, Gujarat, Goa are few states which form the coastal belt of west India. On Arabian sea is Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Also, known as the dream city Mumbai has attracted people from all walks of life. The star attraction of Mumbai is Bollywood, one of the largest film industries. The beaches and skyscrappers are part of the topography of this place. The gateway of India welcomes every one to this land of dreams.

On the western coast is Goa. The colour, festivals, beaches and churches that is what Goa is all about. Goa is very popular haunt for the foreigners. Not long ago this place was notoriously infected by the Hippies and drug peddlars. They have not been totally eliminated but their presence is almost nil today.

Goa is land where people are celebrating all the year round. Folk songs & music combined with the local brew Fenni produces an effect which is felt no where-else.

The cave temples of Ajanta Ellora or the historic city of Aurangabad, all remind of the grandeur and architectural excellence which this place had attained. Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh have completed 1000 years. The tourism department is celebrating this occassion by organising Khajuraho millennium. These festivals start in March this year and will end in 2000 AD. The temples at Kahjuraho represents artistic excellence initself. The erotic depictions on the walls of these temple has been attracting tourists far and wide.

The numerous wild life sancturies and national parks sustain a variety of flora and fauna. Cities like Sanchi had been center of Buddhism but now only the...