Which comes first-chicken or egg?

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Essay:It is one of the oldest questions that humans thought about. Some say it may be the answer to the process of universe. It's the question "Which comes first-the chicken or the egg?" From the times of the great philosopher Aristotle, the question, even though it is not very serious, has been in a heated debate. Some people say the chickens came before the egg. I strongly believe that eggs came before chicken because of evolutionary matters, biological matters, and simply because they are different creatures.

Many people believe that evolution led all living creatures to live in a certain way, and this may be the solution to the question of chicken and egg. Egg comes before the chicken and it is proven by evolutionary matters. In the theory of evolution, animals are believed to evolve time passes. Animals do this by changing their DNA structure and the combination of nucleotides A, T, C, and G in the DNA.

However, this cannot be changed during when an organism is alive. This means that the organism follows the way its DNA was "programmed" before it was born and does not change its form. However, a creature's DNA can change when it is still in the prenatal stage. In chicken or other bird's case, their DNAs can be changed during the egg stage. Because of such reason, the closest form of chicken's DNA was formed first in an egg of one red junglefowl, the chicken's ancestor, not a chicken. Therefore, the birth of chicken began with egg, which means that the whole reproductive cycle begins with egg. This proves that the egg comes before the chicken.

Not only does evolutionary science prove that eggs come before chicken, but biology proves the statement is correct. Egg comes before the chicken and...