WHICH ONE IS PINK? Essay on Pink Floyd and their music

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Which One is Pink?

Syd Barrett started Pink Floyd, without him it couldn't have begun. But he was too weak to be a rock star. He had the mind of a child, the body of and adult. He didn't understand society and the world. He didn't fit the adult lifestyle; it was too complicated for him. They had to kick him out. Pink Floyd wouldn't have been able to become what they became with Syd Barrett. They started out when Richard Wright (keyboards), Nick Mason (drums), Roger Waters (bass), and Syd Barrett (vocals) met in 1965 (Rollingstone April 1987.) Syd Barret would write all the lyrics and make up most of the music. He would become a cult figure early in his career with his weird sounding guitar and simple but at the same time complex lyrics. He only worked with Pink Floyd in two of their hits "See Emily Play" and "Arnold Layne" but yet his spirit and presence were present in all of the band's later more popular albums (Jones 15).

Roger Watters, became the front man for the band during their best years wrote about themes that related to Barrett in a way or another, he wrote about humanism, loss, good, evil, madness, sanity, alienation, time, pressures of the outside world such as money, aging, schizophrenia, paranoia, and corruption. But Pink Floyd's greatest work was their two magnificent concept albums, Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

Dark Side of the Moon was their most complete and musically profound album, it was their most ambitious and at the same time commercial album, they ever wrote. Over 27 million copies have been sold in the world, it spent 760 weeks on Billboard, by far a record (Jones, 93). One expert said...