White Collar Offenses and Treatments

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White Collar offenses and Treatments

The crime of choice for people in business world seems to be white-collar corruption. According to Akers & Sellers (2004) crime in business has been around since it was begun but recently there has been a swell in business fraud and corruption prosecutions and investigations. "The inclusion of the concept of 'white-collar crime' into the subject matter of criminology has, of course, necessitated revisions of formerly popular theories of criminal behavior and has redirected criminological research to include white-collar offenses and offenders within its framework". (Geis 2006) Analysts of demographic shifts and economic forces have recognized the changing nature of crime.

The advancement in technology has given a new shape to business crimes. "Technology will affect not only how the crimes are committed but also how they are investigated." (Ferguson 2010) The Internet despite all its benefit has opened various doors of corruption and it is being considered a main contributing factor to the proportion of financial crime cases.

Since the invention of Internet, there is sharp increase in the rate of financial crime, from identity stealing to software privacy and e-mail schemes. For dealing the situation, governments introduced a number of systems to deal with white collar offenses, civil, administrative, regulatory and criminal courts. Even before courts have the chance to deal with white collar crimes it is obvious that there are very different policies for dealing with corporate and usual crimes.

Advancement in education, with the development of technology and the age of the internet has made it easy for people involved in white collar crimes to dodge detection. All these factors have increased the chance to commit these types of crimes and have enabled offenders to develop new and improved methods to commit such white collar offenses. While most of these...