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The SM5- Series.

On March 1, 1938, the late founding Chairman Byung-Chul Lee started a business with the name of "Samsung" in Taegu with 30,000 won in capital. In the early days of Samsung's business, the company exported dried fish and vegetables and fruits produced around Korea to Manchuria and Beijing. In November 1948, the late founding Chairman Lee moved Samsung's office to Seoul and founded the Samsung Corporation. This marked the beginning of Samsung's entry into full-scale international trade.

After Korea's independence from Japan in 1945, the Korean economy became unstable due to political and social unrest. The Korean War- started in June 1950- also decimated the economy. Samsung Corporation, which had been growing steadily, lost all its assets during the war. In January 1951, management moved the company to Pusan- the main port city in the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula-. Samsung began the first step of its grand idea to rebuild Korea's economy by entering the manufacturing industry.

It began substituting imported goods with domestically produced products through the establishment of Cheil Sugar Co.- currently Cheil Jedang, now an independent company from Samsung- in 1953.

In 1969, Samsung Company established Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; a company that would help to develop Korea's electronics industry into a worldwide competitor. The late founding Chairman Lee determined that electronics was exactly the type of industry Korea needed at that economics stage. Samsung also established Korea Manufacturing Co. - currently Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.-. Samsung sought the expansion of several key industries and started to gain as a corporate leader in Korea.

The 1970s marked the period when Samsung laid the foundations for several future strategic industries: heavy, chemical, and petrochemical. In August 1973, Samsung's "The second five years management plan" included intensive investment to the heavy chemical...