Why Conservatives are happier then Liberals: A comprehensive study looking at the factors of happiness

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Abstract:In this paper you will find data on the issue of who is happier liberals or conservatives. Three variables were acquired from the General Social Survey (GSS): Happiness, Political ideology, and church attendance. These variables were then tested in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) to look for any correlation. Prior research is also cited for reference on this issue. This paper tries to find if there is a relationship between conservative church attendance and happiness related to liberal church attendance and happiness.

Introduction:Liberals are seated in every major elected branch or the governments form the House of Representatives to the presidency. They are running this country now the way they think it should be run and making decisions that they know they would not be able to get away with if conservatives were in power. They are one seat away from becoming filibuster proof and the Republican Party is in shambles.

All of this would indicate that liberals should be more happy then conservatives right? Well, according to some previous research and research conducted on my own, this does not appear to be the case. Past studies have shown that conservative live happier lives then liberals regardless of who is in power. One theory on why this may be is religion. Many experts agree that being active in religion promotes happiness. A question that will try to be answered in this paper is who really is happier, liberals or conservatives; and does church attendance lead to happiness like some experts claim? Hopefully this research will help shed some light on why conservatives are happier even though they are going through really rough times.

While reading this paper you will come across a literature review. The literature cited in this paper relates to the topics of happiness among...