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Why Inclusion? It is very difficult to provide learning opportunities for children with disability when all the other children have the same or similar difficulties.

Children with Severe disabilities often have no peers to develop socially with or to develop communication skills with.

Outcomes, despite the best efforts of teachers in segregated settings have been poor.

Often Special education teachers are unable to meet the needs of students, despite extra help and small class size, because all that need is too much for the staff to supply.

Because of multi-age and multi-need and multi-curriculum needs of one segregated class it is impossible for the teacher to provide cohesive core curriculum and be as rich as the general education curriculum.

There is little coordination with general education and students with special needs often simply get left out of the best programs and their teachers the best training.

The replacement model of segregating children just in not what most children seem to need.

What is needed is extra support and accommodation.

Does inclusion work better than segregation? It can, but it is not automatic. Poor inclusion programs can acutely segregate children more in the general education setting.

Administrators play a big role, because some of this requires excellent leadership and school reform and restructuring.

If major changes are not made, failure in the general education setting is imminent.

Teachers must alter their approach.

Do we alter the approach for one student? No, of course not. The idea is to make teachers and classrooms a learning place for all students.

This also includes students that are gifted or smarter, slower, or maybe have a different learning style.

All who may not be special education. This includes students that have profound cognitive delays as well as learning disabilities.

Research indicates if we do...