Why overseas students choose to study at Australian universities?

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Over the past decade, the number of overseas students has been increasing dramatically in Australia. The term 'overseas students' can be defined as the under-graduated students who come from foreign countries. In this essay, the countries are limited to Asia where is consist of majority of overseas. The following essay shows three main reasons which are financial benefit, geographical features and social features.

Financial benefit

The financial benefit is an underlying cause.

In terms of tuition fee, Australian universities compare well with other English speaking countries even they offer no less quality of education than other. Australia has a favorable exchange rate. It means that the students get more for their dollars than US or UK. Furthermore the overseas students holding student visas are permitted to work for up to 20 hours per week in contrast with other countries. By having a part time job, they are able to reduce the living cost for themselves.

Geographical features

Second reason contributing to this trend is that Australia is in harmony with the environment blessed with natural beauty.

Australia has many of beachside towns where promote a relaxed life by the beach. Also, there are lots of popular tourist attractions such as the blue mountain and the opera house. Everywhere the students go they will see Australian enjoying their outdoor activity, picnics and visit to beach.

There is stimulating place for those who like a chance to travel, activity of the outdoor life or a chance to travel.

Social features

Third reason is that Australia is secure and multicultural society. There is safe place with a low crime rate. In most places, streets are clean and open. The incidence of robbery and assault is relatively low and Australia has strict anti-gun and drug law. There has not been significantly...