Why Should College Athletes be Paid?

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Should College Athletes Get Paid? Many collegiate athletes put as much if not more time into their sport as they do in their school work. There is has been an ongoing argument about this for a while and there are many for and against it. The People that are for paying the athletes say that the athletes create millions of dollars for the school and should see some sort of compensation for the time and effort that they put into the sport that drives that money. The people that are against paying the athletes say that the scholarships that the athletes receive are payback enough.

In the past college athletes were not allowed to have a job outside of college. Only now has the NCAA allowed athletes to have part-time jobs during the school year. The problem with this is that the college athlete is in a way punished for being an athlete because he or she will not be able to generate any money for themselves during their college career.

Recently the NCAA has made many propositions which would solve this problem. Proposition 62 just recently gave the opportunity for athletes to hold part-time jobs. Still this limits the person to only be able to make $1500 a year. The plan was supposed to go into effect many years ago but it was delayed due to many evaluations and reviews. The reality to this problem of a college athlete having a job is that even though they might be able to have a job many athletes would not be able to have one with the practice schedule and classes. The NCAA has regulations in the classroom as well.

To be able to play a sport in college an athlete has to have at least 12 credit hours a...