Why was there controversy over the Exercise Tiger cover up?

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There are many reasons why there was a controversy over the Exercise Tiger cover up. One of the major reasons is because of the available evidence.

An example of this is source D, which is information on Exercise Tiger from a website by the Navy of whom are convinced that they released enough evidence explaining that exercise tiger did happen and that they did not cover it up. Due to the fact that the website was issued by Operation Archive, it was an official document submitted by the government which gave it credit on some level. The website states that they did nothing wrong because they published information in an American military magazine in the August 7 issue, called "stars and stripes", and several archives, although the magazine was only published in a European Theatre which has a considerably small audience. The Navy were persuaded that they released enough data.

The fleet did actually agree that they covered the incident up till around 2 months after it happened, but they released evidence explaining the issues.

On August 5, 1944, they released evidence on the deaths that occurred throughout Exercise Tiger. The amount of deaths or how it happened they did not explain, but they thought it was enough evidence to keep them out of trouble. However, the American population say that not enough information was released about Exercise Tiger. This would obviously cause controversy because two different groups of people are fighting for what they believe in.

The knowledge found in Source E suggests that it was a cover up because it's origin is from a survivor of an LSD. He says that they were told by all of the doctors to never mention what had happened to anyone at anytime. He also mentioned that he was talking...