Why we should raise the minimum wage

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Narin Gopaul

Professor Flanagan



It's the year 2014, and we are in the state of the financial crisis which is still being felt

across the nation by the majority of Americans. Many Americans who have worked on

minimum wages are struggling to live on a salary that is below the poverty threshold. In 2012, the U.S census posted that in a family of three; their income is 18,552, (U.S Census). In most case, one member of the family is working on a minimum wage salary which is below 18,552, (U.S. Dept. of Labor). It has been almost a five years since congress has raised the minimum wage (Huff Post). Throughout my argument, I will share my thoughts as wells as facts on why congress should agree to raise the minimum wage. We the people of this nation are being held victims of the economic downfall. Give us a reason to rise out of this situation so we can move forward and provide better service in whatever way we may be able to do for our fellow Americans; give us an increase.

If we can raise the minimum wage we would not just help the citizens get out of poverty, but we will also help the economy grow. People who earn minimum wages accounts for approximately 70 percent of America's gross domestic product" (Schoen, 2013). Just imagine if that 70 percent were given more money to spend it would eventually boost the economy. It has already taken place in Minnesota (Minn. Budget). Depositing money back into the hands of the people that need it and use it the most is what fuels the economy. A continuous demand of goods or services by the consumer is what keeps a business thriving. A higher demand increases the need for more goods.