Why you should enter college.

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It takes a great deal time to get to know someone.

I've known myself for seventeen years and still

counting. Throughout my life, I've grown up with a set

of strong personable values that have helped me

achieve my goals and expectations. Sometimes,

life-size decisions can be corrupted by others that do

not have the same prospects as you. There are two

types of individuals in this world. They are the

followers and the leaders. I can relate to the leader

because it is extremely hard to influence my mindset.

I am only a follower of good judgment. In the college

community, many prospective students will enter this

new world with hopes and dreams of constructing a

better future for themselves and others.

Unfortunately, not everyone who goes to college has

this similar ambition; which is why some of the real

dreamers end up becoming a failure to themselves and

to those in their community.

I believe college is a

place where every opportunity is offered and the final

decision is up to you. I know what I want out of life

and nothing will distract me or help me to forget what

I believed to be right all my life. I consider myself

withdrawn, but behind my reserved exterior lies an

active mind that allows me to analyze situations and

come up with creative, logical solutions, and

therefore others in the college community will respect

my judgments. I have the self-confidence and

determination to succeed. Any distraction will be

avoided by all means necessary.