It is widely accepted that the climate is changing, and that the changes are a threat. How – if at all – can business make a positive contribution to the fight against climate change?

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Nowadays, the way of life in developed countries such as the United States and the way of growth in developing countries such as China or India have a negative and worrying impact on the environment and more particularly on the climate. Indeed, business activities generate global warming in using pollutant production processes and in creating pollutant products.

How can business make a positive contribution to the fight against climate changes?Firstly, this essay will be about the growing awareness of environmental problems amongst people and companies, secondly, it will describe the solutions already found by businesses to prevent global warming, thirdly, it will discuss the importance of companies' investments in finding new ways of growth and life, and finally, it will deal with the role of governments in helping organizations to improve their positive contribution.

Public opinion surveys show that the Europeans are more worried about the environment and sustainable development.

Indeed, more than 70% of them believe that the environmental protection and the fight against pollution represent an "immediate and urgent problem" (European Commission. 26/09/2007). In other words, an increasing number of people wants to live in a sustainable society, which means, for example, reducing waste of energy at home, waste of water in privileging showers, or using public transports more than cars. Consequently, business awareness of the environmental issues is also growing and companies both answer to the demand of consumers who want to contribute to the preservation of the environment and create new "needs" of consumption in selling sustainable goods and services. In other words, business can be the solution to the environmental issues and the climate change, mainly in finding new ways of sustainable growth.

Many efforts and solutions have been made and found by businesses to fight against the climate change over the past...