Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Jennifer SonsIntroduction to HumanitiesI chose to do my paper this week on Mozart. The reason I chose to use him is because I took Orchestra in school and had to play a lot of his music. I am sorry but I do not remember which exact pieces we played. I played the violin and was 1st chair 1st violin.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756. He wrote his first piece of music by age six. By the age of eight he wrote his first symphony. Many consider him to be the greatest composer of all time. In Mozart's lifetime he composed around 650 pieces including 41 symphonies, 60 sonatas, 23 piano concertos, 70 string quartets, and 20 operas. He performed hundreds of private concerts and public concerts by the time he was thirteen. When he performed these concerts he often performed his own piano concertos.

Mozart really didn't have his own type of music.

What he did was take music from his time and changed them to be elegant enough to play at weddings, garden parties, and balls. He also brought popular melodies and made them into symphonies.

When Mozart died at age 35, while he was on his death bed, he was working on a piece of music that he was determined to finish before he passed.

A musical piece that Mozart had written in 1839 was found in a music library in Nantes, France about 150 years after it was written. I am glad to have chosen Mozart to write about because I have learned a lot about the composer of some of the music I played.

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