The Wolof Tribe

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Wolof People

The large tribe of the Wolof lives mainly in Senegal and Gambia. They speak Wolof and for the most part are Islamic. The first known documentation of the Wolof dates back to 1455. Because of French pressures in the 1800's many Wolof people became Islamic. Today more than 95% of their people are Muslims. The Wolof economy is basically agricultural and depends on peanut crop. Many people can be found selling goods in their yards and streets. Because of Senegal's climate food shortage is quite common considering that most foods such as rice depend on the weather. Although rice is the main food people get their protein from chicken, fish and goat. Because of the lack of food many people have resorted to eating only one meal a day.

Most Wolof live in houses made of mud and thatched with grass. A fence usually encloses these houses.

For the most part the Wolof people are pretty style conscious people. They dress to the occasion and give caution to what they wear. Some women even go into debt buying a beautiful dress for a wedding or funeral. Speaking of funerals, 15%of children die before reaching the age of 1 and the life expectancy is a low 44. This is due to aids and also the fact that only one third of the people have access to clean water. There are a few clinics available but herbs and magical formulas are used more often.

Although the Wolof is simply a tribe, the tribe still has family structure, rules and authority. Family relations are usually built from the mother's side unlike most nations. According to the Wolof people the mother provides the flesh, the character, the intelligence, and the power, whereas the father provides only the bones, nerves and...