The Woman who fell from the Sky

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The Woman who fell from the SkyScott Leonard's myth "The Woman who fell from the Sky" is a myth that starts out with a father bringing his young daughter to a powerful mage in an attempt for them to wed. However the mage was reluctant because of the age of his daughter. Instead of telling her no he gave her a few tasks that seemed impossible to accomplish. The powerful mage told her that if she'd accomplish these tasks he would marry her. Amazingly the young girl completed each and every task and the powerful mage married her.

The powerful mage had something in front of his house that the girl was obsessed with. It was a tree of light. One night while laying in front of the tree of light she seemed to thnk she was pregnant, and she was. The mage did not like this of course and becaome very ill.

He balmed his illness on the young girl. The mage told his council and told them everything that is happening is because of her, and to get rid of her. The mage got rid of the tree of light in front of his house and told the young girl to jump in. She was fascinated and did so. She fell through to another world.

She fell to a waterfowl on a turtle. From there she gave birth to the tree of light, and her baby. The back of the turtle, the tree of light and the baby were now one, they were to live on the back of the turtle. On a different night when the daughter became much older she had a dream of singing and dancing with a young boy. After this dream she became pregnant with twins. The twins however, were evil...