Woman's Treatment in Islamic and Christian Societies

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Throughout the history of mankind, women have always been struggling to receive their equal rights, whether it's at the work place, at home, in the church or in society as a whole, it seems as if women have taken a backseat to men. A woman is the foundation of the human race, without them, the human race as we know it, would cease to exist. Some people believe that a man has more rights than a woman and that a man's worth is greater than a woman's, but these people couldn't be any further from the truth. Unfortunately, people use religion to support their claims, which can be a dangerous fixation.

The two largest religions in the world, Christianity and Islam have been at odds with one another about how the other one treats their women. The current mainstream ideology is that Islam is oppressive when it comes to the rights of women, but this misconception must change.

As a young Muslim male, I've personally seen the bombarded and hijacking of my religion by a small number of fanatical, deceptive, uneducated, violent individuals. My home country, Afghanistan, was once overthrown and dictated by religious extremist who almost abolished every right of a woman, even her human rights. But Islam isn't the only religion that is conveyed to oppress a woman, Christianity is just as guilty. The fact is that Christianity and Islam both believe in human rights, regardless on gender. The oppression of women should be blamed on one religion or another, but by the individuals who wrongly misinterpret the holy texts.

In the past few decades women in America have seen a lot of great accomplishments occur. Everything from their rights to be able to vote in elections, to their equal pay in the work place (for the most...