How Women Are Portraed In Soaps

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A soap is a dramatic fictional program. It is set in a particular area with many story lines. The characters accents reflect the area they come from for example all Eastenders characters have East Londoner accents. There is usually a main meeting place where the characters meet for social drinks for example The Rovers Return in Coronation Street. They have lots of different types of characters to appeal to all types of audiences the young and the not so young. A soap is on at a regular time and has a distinctive theme tune. It also seems like real life but at the same time is very exaggerated. Being like real life means we, the audience, feel like we are eves dropping in on the characters conversations.

Most of the young women in soaps are attractive. They normally have dominating roles in the story lines. Young women have the most informal jobs for example factory workers and hairdressers.

They wear fashionable but casual clothing for example Zoë in Eastenders. The young women are usually forceful and know how to get what they want. There are usually more young women than middle aged.

Middle aged women are also very dominating but the more serious problems seem to fall on there shoulders but this can often make there story lines more exciting so this can make the middle aged women more appealing characters. Their problems also seem to affect a wider array of people they often have more formal jobs and wear slightly less fashion conscious clothing. They are more often that not mothers so they are stereotyped mother figures for example Susan in Neighbours.

Old women appear to be the extras in soaps. They seem s thought they are in the way but there is very few of them. Old...