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Tendencies A World Connected to the Net Web globalisation is happening, slowly but firmly.

We bet you didn't know that Canada is the World's most connected to Net, and that Finland has twice the computers connected to Internet than United States for one thousand inhabitants.

But how could you know? Since it's beginning, the Internet "" Especially the Web "" has been one clearly a Northern American phenomenon: the vast majority of Web sites are in English and in most cases the United States are ahead adopting Internet technologies like Secure Socket Layer and digital certificates. Industry observers estimate United States are ahead from one to three years developing and using Internet technology than other countries.

But the other nations don't remain still. Several tendencies show that Internet is growing "" although slowly "" in countries without advanced telecommunications. According to International Data Corp. research, the population outside United States used to represent 23 per cent of all Webs users in 1995 and the projections are that the number grows 50 per cent till the end of current decade.

The sales in Europe and Asia represent between 20 to 30 per cent of all software Internet sales, according to Michael Parekh, Goldman Sachs analyst.

The telecommunication industries lack of regulations, outside of United States, is one of most forces behind Web globalisation, according to Parekh. About 25 per cent of all new .com domain registrations come outside United States, says Raimond Corsin, Network Solutions senior vice president developing business.

The global e-commerce it's in his childhood, but shows some growing sins. The Web book selling Amazon.com and Barbeasand, for instance, get 20 per cent of their sales close to international clients. But, presently, the most consumers that buy books on the Internet outside United States speak English, What means...