"The World of Ganymede" a world I made up.

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Ganymede is made up of a series of continental islands. It is set in the medievil era while there are still some modern technologies such as microwaves, refrigeraters, telephones, and computers. Most people live in castle dwellings, however some reside in treeforts. Knights ride horses gallavantingl across the land, out to save the world, with their mighty swords. Although, you are just as likely to come across lady knights gallavanting as well. All sexes, races, whatever, are completely equal. There is a resource mine of kenne, a healing antidote, in Rhiannon. Vegetation consists of potatoes, sisal, tobac, and citrus fruits among other things. There are a number of industries including horse-breeding, ale, and coffee beans. There are also a number of magical creatures like the Baba Yaga, Chupcabras, and Fuzzbutts.

Nydia is the largest continent in all of Ganymede. The land is covered in grassy hills and cliffs. Nydia was "born with a brick in the stomach;" they like to build houses.

They are very big into folklore and family, and tend to learn towards the fanatical side. The land largely consists of humans and gnomes, however, there are minorites of other races as there are everywhere, or wanderers venturing the land. They generally have warm summers and cold winters. There are Nobles situated throughout Nydia; they work together as a government to keep the land in general peace. They grow tomatoes, potatoes, tobac, and sisal.

Hythloth is on the northeastern region of Ganymede. It's full of cold, jagged mountains; it's quite sinister, gives you the heeby jeebies. The warlock, Demandred, lives

here. He is isolated up in his castle, quietly going mad, harboring the evil beasts that reside in Hythloth. Baba Yaga is the only other human living in Hythloth, besides those that purposely look death in the...