Where Is The World Heading?

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Time Changes Through generations change is inevitable and quite evident. People are brought up in different societies with different rules, and expectations. It is because of this that people have formed there own ideas and beliefs. What is acceptable in one period of time may or may not be accepted later down the line.

For example in Shakespeare's time certain things and aspects of life were common such as fighting or the killing of one's father so that he may be king. Also in Shakespeare's time language, dress, life expectancy, and what was expected of men, women and children were all different. Five hundred years ago the main source of travel was horses. Today it is cars and busses. What seems impossible during one era is reality in another era. The dress of today is much more casual. The standard of living is much higher. The murder rate keeps increasing as so does the need for technology.

Five hundred years ago plays were the common source of entertainment and everybody wanted to go see Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Today movies have replaced most plays. Fewer people want to read Shakespeare do to the use of words and difficult sentences. Some of the many changes are for the better and some for the worse.

The world is forever changing and the way we live today will be different than the way people live one hundred years from now. One day the future will make the way we live today look uncivilized and unorganized. Where is the world heading? One can only look into the past in hopes of some understanding. Regardless the future is coming with each passing day. We continue to become history we can only hope that when people look back at our generation they can relate to us in a positive way