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Section 1 review Darcelle Flournoy Per.4 World History 1- How was Ancient Greek society influenced by each of the following -the sea - the land - the climate? The sea was the link with other societies, The land is important because most of Greece is covered with mountains which divide Greece into a number of regions, and the climate is important because the men are outside all the time.

2-Describe the society that lived in Greece and on nearby islands in the bronze age.

Nobles feasted in hallways 50 feet long and 35 feet wide, trade was one source for wealth, and most people lived as farmers.

3)How did the Dorian migrations affect Greek civilization? Drian pottery show little skill and were not good traders.

4)Why were Homer's poems important to Greek society? He passed on knowledge to the Greek children by his words and his poems.

5) How was the Greek religion diffrent from the religions of Egypt and the fertile crecent? Greeks did not develop a powerful priestly class.

Section 2 Review 1-It was marked by the rise of city states.

2-Citizens could now afford weapons 3-Tyrants were men who rebelled and aritsocrats was rule passed through a group of noble families.

4) -Helots were outsmarted-adopted a new set of laws 5) 6) Section 3 Review 1-He used the money from the Delian league for navy and works of art.

2- A.-A reflected Greek standard of order balance and preperation B- A form of public education and direct democracy.

3- Females were rarely seen outside, lived in seaperate rooms,quarters, and could not own a home or land 4) a> Attack on Athens by Sparta, weakining of Athens by plague and defeat in Sicily b>Athens surrender, lost self confidence and democratic government.

5) a> democracy , patriotism, religion and...