What is the world today?

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These days parts of the world is really messed up. Let's take Auckland New Zealand. Now I live their and it is a very bad place. What is happening there? Well I have always thought new Zealdand was a amazing place but when i moved their from California I was in for a surprise. I went to school and you will not believe what happened. I go into a school and everyone is walking around like naked. Now I am amazed that this is even sanitary but then I am thinking to myself, maybe they are just poor, maybe this is a good school after all. I walk into my clas room and what happens? The teacher sexually harasses me and then I am in way over my head. Then when I think we are about to do some learning, what happens? The teacher gives us a freaking peice of wood and tells me to write down what you did in the USA. So i start writing (with a rock) and I am so pissed off I am going to freak. Now I am done with doing that so I go to next period and I notice a girl masturbating and I am amazed that they do that in public. Now I assume that is as far as anyone would go but boy was I wrong. Dont you even dare walk into a bathroom. What do you see? You see woman sucking men's genitals. Now I am about to faint. Everyone is sexually harassing me, the school sucks and now guess what I do. I write a letter to the government, and almost about 3 months later I get a letter back saying "Howdy Mate, How are you?" I was so pissed off that I was about to...