World War II effect on American econonmy

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During World War II and the Holocaust the United States of America was greatly affected. Some of the effects of this tragic time are a change in the workplace and an increase in industry causing the economy to rise.

Before World War II, the United States was in a Great Depression. The economy was doing poorly and caused many people to live on the streets. Others considered suicide. It was one of the hardest times America has ever faced. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt became President he started many program in order to restore the economy from this devastating depression. Some people are led to believe that his New Deal got us out of this time but it was really the start of World War II.

When the war started many of the countries needed someone to supply them with goods. America had a boom. Total production and employment were on the rise.

The United States was declared neutral and was able to get great amounts of money from both sides for supplying them with various goods. Production was entirely changed. It became more for war then for consumers. The consumers became countries involved in the war. Car factories were now making tanks. Many others changed all of there production towards creating guns and other war materials.

Since production was boosted many jobs opened up. Later on the men were sent to fight overseas. This left many job spots open to women. The women were sent to the factories while the men fought the war. The unemployment rate was brought down to about one percent as opposed to the fifteen percent that unemployment was at in before the start of the war.

Women were given a lot of responsibility while the men were gone. They were left to provide for...