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Carazon Carazon was sort of an introduction to the book. You're just getting to know the people in the book, but there is a little action. It takes place in Arizona Dan Baker and his wife are driving through Arizona but get lost and they end up in an ITC laboratory.

Dordogne In the section Dordogne it starts off with Kramer coming down in a helicopter. Dordogne was like the rising point of the controversy. Elsie found a map about an underground river. The paper had 638 = 47 BP, and on the other side it had AD 1361 = 47, which means 638 years plus or minus 47 years.

Later on in the book Gordon begins to talk about multiuniverses. He takes out a piece of paper and draws two walls, one in front of the other. One wall has a slit in it. Then you shine a light at the slit and on the wall behind you'll see it.

Black Rock Black Rock was sort of short. This section took place in the ITC Black Rock Laboratory, where they were sent back into the past through the multiuniverses that I displayed in my Dordogne sections. All the people that were dead were now alive because they go back into the past.

Castelgard In the last scene Arnaut and Oliver were fencing. Marek comes into the room and tells Arnaut that he think that Oliver ha s the key. Marek confronts Oliver and Oliver says he knows where it is, but will not give it up. Arnaut puts the sword to his throat and threatens him to give it up but Oliver says no again. Arnaut tells him if he gives the key to him he will spare his life. Finally, Oliver gives the key to Marek. Oliver gets...