Write an 3 page mystery story. It as entitled The Fibonacci Furor.

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I was sitting in my office one day when I got a phone call.

I answered, "M. A. Theta. I can solve any case. How can I help you?" It was a phone call from the local math competition. They were dealing with sabotage and needed my help to crack the case. It sounded like this case would be as easy as "pi."

I ran faster than a speeding bullet to the math competition which was in the hotel down the street. There were projects on every math topic, from simple addition to the Fibonacci sequence. The schools set up their projects in the order of the rankings the schools received the previous year. For example, the school that won 1st place last year was labeled project "one."

I scurried around like a mouse trying to find the head of the competition. When I found her, she informed me that while everyone was asleep the night before, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th projects were destroyed.

When the destroyed projects were discovered, the competition officials immediately accused the school who made the 4th project, New York Senior High. The thinking was that it was obviously the fourth school because it was skipped in the destruction of the projects numbered one to five. New York Senior High was immediately disqualified and sent home in disgrace.

This was not the end of the story, however. During lunch, another project was destroyed. This time it was the 8th project! The officials realized they had made a grave mistake. They apologized to NYSH and called me in to take a shot at finding the culprit.

I reviewed all the evidence but was at a loss. It could be any of the remaining projects, the 7th or the 9th through the 142nd. I...