Write a love story about a character's Valentines Day.

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"Valentines Day is the most stupid holiday ever invented!" I exclaimed to my 'friend' Nicky. "The only reason it's still around is because companies get so much money out of it!"

My family had stuck me with the weirdest most strange people we knew for the weekend. Not that my family were much better. My dad is a walking talking computer while Mum on the other hand has the lights on but half the time it's like there's no one home. My older brother Morris is a sell-out and my grandmother, who lives with us, thinks that the big palm tree out the back is god. If that isn't weird enough our dog, Artemis, thinks she's a cat and acts accordingly. And as for me, well, I'm invisible.

It was around mid-February and the days were so humid you could barely move. My mum came into my room without even a knock.

"Tilly, darling, you know how your brother got into that basketball team? Well they're going down the coast on Friday."

I did know. Morris had gotten into state basket ball team a few weeks before and I knew they were having a big competition next week.

"Well I hope you don't mind, but I've organized for you to go to Julie's house for the weekend." Mum smiled at me. "Is that all right love?"

I didn't like it much but I agreed. I'd known mum's friend Julie since forever and she had twins, Nicky and Adam who were just a few months older then me. I think mum wanted me to stay there because their place was a bit like ours. Except there was no nerdy dad or crazy grandma and the brother was so quiet he was as far from being Morris as I was to...